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I read three books- 4 if i count Across The Universe. Which I technically did finish late last night. We shall see. I finished the Hex Hall trilogy by reading the last book, Spell Bound and read the second book in the Mara Dyer trilogy and finallly got to the sequel of Ashes, Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick. All in all had a godd reading weekend. 

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I think I didn't truly enjoy the last two books in the trilogy because of some unknown reasons. One, maybe cause I wasn't in the mood for demon stories. Two, maybe cause even if I wasn't in the mood the book should have made me get into the mood. Well, whatever the reason, I liked this installment more than Demonglass for sure. My liking order for the books goes like this: Hex Hall > Spell Bound > Demonglass

Some freaking amazing things went down in this final installment. I feel sad for the Cal shippers. Thank God I wasn't one as I know how it feels like. I have been through the pain with Cole from the Everneath books. Overall, a good trilogy with a fierce female protagonist, two strong, capable love interests, cool friends and fam, a good storyline. I am definitely going to be checking out her spin off series and Rebel Belle. DO check out this series if you are looking for some boarding school supernatural fun.

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Oooh boy, I had loved Ashes back in 2012 but the sequel Shadows, wow, it was more gorier, crazier, a roller coaster ride of multiple POVs and stuff kept happening. I liked how everyone from the first book were spread out and dealing with their own shite. We had Alex, Chris, Tom, Peter, Lena who got to tell their perspectives from this really crazy post-apocalyptic world. We also had Jed, Grace, Cindi's perspectives to go through as well. The perspectives/happenings would merge sometimes. I loved how this book was written. Crazy stuff was happening all over. Everything was happening simultaneously. And not all was happening was good. Every chapter ended with a cliffhanger but i was still attuned to the whole story. All of these people went through some horrid stuff and most of them still are. Y'know?! D: I am going to be reading the final book soon. Let's not forget about the Changed or Chuckies (the zombies)- they were shown to be so much more *shudders* the things they were doing. God. Things were bad at the end for all the major characters. I loved loved loved this installment. I will only say this as I want to reveal it all. Man. One fast-paced creepy hell of a book. 

The Evolution of Mara Dyer
Read in Feb' 14

If i thought i couldn't love a sequel more i was wrong. The sequel to TUoMD was just sooper-dooper creepy cool. It was amazing. I had loved Unbecoming but I still had some misgivings about it but Evolution was just cray cray and I think I am obsessed. Mara knows she isn't crazy, she knows it, in book 1, she thought she was but now she is so sure that she isn't that she will do anything to make everyone believe that she is SANE. I read this book late into the night with only the lamp's light. It was nearing dawn but i had chills while reading this one. If you thought too much happened in Unbecoming, well, so much more, too much more happened in this one. I couldn't get this book outta my head after I was done reading it. I kept thinking about Mara, Noah, Oh Noah. I had seen what Mara hadn't when all was revealed to her but I know that it isn't true. The last book was supposed to come in June but it got pushed back to November. A day after my birthday. Birthday present for me. Yay. No, but seriously, its November and it is soo far away. I loved the where things went in this installment, i truly feel for Mara and the rest. READ these books if you haven't already. 

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I had Across The Universe on-hold since July 2012. Yes, I know. But i finally read it and whoa, this world is massive and filled with lies, betrayal, hatred, big brother's main mantra (LOL), and space and stars and a boy and a girl and their perspectives. I liked this book and i had seen most of the things comings. i had ruled one thing out but then when it was revealed i was like ha, i shouldn't have had it ruled out. Anyway, I am definitely curious to know more about this world as things went down. you should check this trilogy out as it is about space but on a whole 'nother level. It had a good storyline, all the necessary plot twists, great characters.

I will leave you guys now.
Thanks for reading.


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